Black Friday Sale - Lifetime Subscription Option

You can't pay in dollars, but I'm offering a number of ways you can get the paid Calvin's Thoughts posts for the rest of your life

Every once in a while I do some sort of promo for either Marhelm or this blog. At Marhelm, we’re offering a lifetime subscription option for the first time, payable in USD, SGD, Gold, or Bitcoin. For the blog, I’m offering a similar deal, but excepting the fiat payment options. You can gain lifetime access to the blog by making a $1000 equivalent payment (equal to 4 annual payments or ~33 monthly payments) in any of the following:

  1. Bitcoin

  2. Gold or silver, transferred to my account at Silver Bullion in Singapore

  3. An equivalent information subscription

  4. 1 acre of land anywhere in the world (could even be in the middle of the desert)

  5. 1 horse or cow

  6. 500 chicken hatchlings

  7. 6,500 empty wine bottles (the kind with the cork tops), cork not required

  8. Used power tools

  9. Ammunition (any type)

  10. Fine wine (I’m especially fond of Spanish wines)

  11. Artwork

  12. A trunk load of pemmican (a traditional native American survival food)

  13. Rare books - my favorite authors are George Orwell, C.S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley. I’m also interested in any early books in English or Spanish on commercial theory, economics, property rights, etc. Must be 1st edition.

  14. Anything signed by Milton Friedman.

  15. A vinyl record player with accompanying 60s-70s rock collection

  16. Empty whiskey or wine casks

  17. Rare fruit and vegetable seeds (must already be in Panama)

  18. An antique door like this from Egypt:

    In pics: Business of recovering antique doors in Egypt - EgyptToday

This list is not exhaustive. If there’s anything else you’d like to offer, please suggest it! Also, read this post I wrote in September, which was an enjoyable and truly life changing experience to better understand the world of barter and collectibles economics!

The offer is valid for both new and existing subscribers.