Capital Link Digital Forum 2021

Please register for the *free* three day event starting Tuesday, October 12!

There are two days left to register for the 13th Capital Link Maritime Forum. This event brings together some of the biggest names in shipping, trading, and maritime research to discuss the state of the shipping industry and its macro outlook.

The event is a great opportunity to hear from industry analysts, participants, and regulators, especially as the maritime industry is now dominating headlines across the world due to supply chain disruptions and energy challenges.

Here are the topics covered (in order):

  • Shipping super cycles
  • Dry bulk panel (EGLE, GRIN, SB, SHIP)
  • Clean energy economy
  • Energy transition / COP26
  • Bank financing for shipping
  • Atlas Corporation spotlight
  • Tanker panel (EURN, FRO, INSW, TNP)
  • Research and trading platforms - see me here!
  • Biden admin priorities
  • Global commerce & trade
  • Container sector panel (ATCo, DAC, ESEA, GSL, MPCC)
  • Sovcomflot spotlight
  • Diversification, fleet renewal, capital allocation
  • Product tanker panel (ASC, DIS, HAFNIA, PXS, TRMD)
  • LPG panel (BWLPG, LPG, BWEK)
  • Navios Maritime Partners spotlight
  • Sustainability
  • LNG panel (FLNG, GLP, GLNG, QGTS, Maran)
  • Capital markets panel (Arctic, Citi, DNB, Stifel)
  • SPAC IPOs (ADN, ITHX, GCAC, NYSE, Maxim Group, Growth Capital)
  • Addressing global supply chain disruptions
  • Maritime authority panel discussion
  • Shipping analyst panel discussion

Hope to see you there! At a bare minimum, I would suggest tuning in for panels in sectors you’re invested in as well as checking out some of the regulatory panels to see what’s coming.

Register here