Earn almost 10% without market risk on $24.5k, much of it in < 90 days

A fun post on how to game the US banking system

Every once in a while I like to check on ways that you can earn money for clicking some buttons, without taking market risk. If you’re a US resident (and preferably self employed), you can schedule a few tasks for yourself and earn > $2000 by moving around $24,500 - all of it insured.

Note that a few of these are checking account offers that require you making a few direct deposits from your employer or the government. This could be a social security payment or a paycheck. I used to employ myself via my own C Corp, which makes it even easier to play this game.

Here’s how:

FifthThird Checking account

$375 for opening $500 account - Must make qualifying direct deposits

75% annualized yield

US Bank Checking account

$400 on 5k deposit

(32% annualized yield )

(Note, must be a direct deposit, so send a few of your pay checks here)

US iBonds

$962 on $10k deposit (note if you’re married to an American you can double this)

(9.62% yield)

There are a few really important notes:

You have to lock the money in for a year. Withdrawing the money anytime sooner than 5 years will earn a 3-month penalty. There are no state or local taxes on your earnings, only federal. The best time to buy I Bonds is at the end of the month, since interest is paid as if you purchased on the first of the month, regardless of when you actually bought.

DCU Savings Account

$61.70 on first $1000

(6.17% yield)

I’ve been banking with these guys for years. They also offer super competitive and easy unsecured credit lines with great online tools. Highly recommend establishing a relationship with these guys.


$240 on $6000 deposits - 4% yield

These guys offer 3 $2000 pods which are ostensibly “savings accounts”. You get 4% on the first 3.

Chase Bank Business Account

Have an LLC, S Corp or C Corp? If you do, it makes the other things easier, plus having a corporation gives you other tax shields (like a lower tax rate on your income, the ability to do retained earnings, expense some retirement and quality of life expenses, and even get a close to $60k 401k deduction).

You can also get $300 free for depositing $2000 with Chase.

(60% annualized yield.)

Within 90 days of account opening, complete 5 qualifying transactions: debit card purchases, Chase QuickAccept℠ deposits, Chase QuickDeposit℠, ACH credits, wires (credits and debits), and/or bill pay.


Sometimes people really do just leave money lying around. Best case scenario you’re already set up with your own corp and you can do all of this in a few hours.

Total deposit amounts:

$500 + $5k + $10k + $1k + $6k + $2k = $24.5k

Total profits:

$375 + $400 + $962 + $61.70 + $240 + $300 = $2338.70

Total yield: 9.5%, with 57% annualized yield on $7500 of it