I just want to be a data provider

I will no longer be commenting on individual stocks or investments - though I'm happy to do sector level analysis

My account (and this Substack) became followed by thousands of people because I was lucky or right on both timing and positioning for a long time in many separate assets.

As my reach and influence has grown I have begun to think more and more about the consequences of my analysis and subjective interpretation of information.

After many consecutive losing trades and ideas - with performance far worse than a random walk and my account now down nearly 10% on the year - I have come to the conclusion that I have become remarkably good at being wrong. I cannot in good conscience continue to provide individual investment ideas after such a long losing streak.

From here on, what I’d like to propose is providing sector level comparative research wherein I gather hard to locate data points for a number of companies. .

The commitment I made on the blog was that I would do a paid post every week, and as long as I have subscribers, I will honor that commitment. I’m hoping that information in its own right provides value. Many of you saw the comparative charts I did on the recent Parex post. Others have seen the sort of infographics and media we provide via Marhelm. This is what I want to be in the business of selling, not stock ideas.

This week, I’ll be at Marine Money Panama, and I will be providing live coverage of the event to Marhelm subscribers and a summary of the interactions and ideas to blog subscribers.

I also encourage you to make your own suggestions on what information you need for what sectors to incorporate into your analysis and decision making process so I can provide it without any subjectivity or narrative.