I'm hiring a full time Javascript developer

A bit more info on what I'm looking for

My company, Marhelm, has been growing. We provide data on shipping companies and the global maritime market. I wrote all of the code myself from scratch using mostly Javascript - React, NextJS, Express, and MongoDB are some of the main technologies. The platform has information on more than 50 maritime companies and 50,000 individual ships. Take a look at what I’ve developed so far:

Some of the features I’m working on now are more complicated on the data science side of things, and I’d like to start delegating some of the user experience work.

The opportunity

First and foremost, the ideal candidate would have the opportunity to work directly with someone who wrote a complex platform and bootstrapped it to profitability alone. I’ve been working in the software industry for nearly twenty years and I’m someone that you can learn from. In addition, there are a lot of hard problems to solve here beyond user experience. I’m working on predictive modeling based on data collection - one area that is full of future opportunities.

Second, you’d be given a ton of freedom and little structure. I wouldn’t ask you to be in a bunch of meetings. I wouldn’t ask you to be diplomatic with your coworkers. I’d want you to be honest, serious, work hard, ask questions, and have strong opinions.

You can work from anywhere. You can rest assured that the money is there to pay you. I have a number of businesses including this one that are cash flow positive and can support your salary. There is also an opportunity to get future equity in the company.

My ideal candidate

I want a self motivated independent worker who likes programming, takes pride in his/her work, likes learning about new things, and studies/learns outside of work.

I want a candidate who is able to take loose instructions like “make this better” and come up with and implement their own ideas, is brave enough to defend why those ideas are good, is humble enough to concede someone else’s idea works after a rational discussion, and motivated enough to follow through.

From a technological standpoint, these are the requirements:

  • Lots of experience developing UIs
  • Experience with the technologies we’re using or similar frameworks
  • Strong proficiency with manipulating JavasSript data structures (Maps, Arrays, etc.) and some proficiency with data structures using libraries like Immutable and Lodash, and in other languages

Nice to have:

  • Design experience
  • Data scaling experience
  • Devops experience

Pay is flexible. Tell me your salary requirements. I’m willing to pay more for senior level experience. The budget is there.