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2022 has so far not only been a great year for shipping and energy investors, but also for my shipping data service, Marhelm, with active subscribers now just under 500 members.

I launched Marhelm originally in the fall of 2020 as TankerData, with a focus on providing analysis on data on companies in just the oil tanker sector. We have grown from covering just tanker companies, to providing niche data on more than 40 companies. In this post, I want to break down a few of our features. First, as a trading tool, we allow the user to see grouped peer groups in a number of ways. For experienced shipping investors, this allows users to spot relative divergences between equities, while for new investors, it allows for quickly identifying the players in each space (we cover tankers, dry bulk, LNG, LPG, containers, and conglomerates).

The trading summary includes recent trading action, volume changes, dividends, etc.
The companies section breaks down traditional financial metrics for companies across sectors

Beyond, broad trading comparisons, we also provide company specific tools to assist in modeling financial performance and understanding intrinsic value.

We build NAV calculations based on sales & purchase, new building data, and scrapping which is updated weekly, combining dozens of information sources. We have thousands of s&p, scrapping, and new building records in our database dating back to early 2020.
Our fixture information allows you to build earnings models from real data based on recently completed deals. We have thousands of deals in our database dating back to early 2020.

We also offer a host of tools for analyze market specific conditions, such as spot rates and trade analysis.

In addition, we offer a weekly roundup which summarizes data from our platform, relevant news developments for each shipping sector, and an overview of our own trading activity and thoughts for the week. Of course, we also host a lively Discord (chat room) with hundreds of traders, commodity and shipping professionals.

Looking ahead

For the balance of the year, we are focused on expanding data coverage to more shipping companies, improving interface quality (for example right now it is optimized for desktop but not mobile), and improving data frequency (more high frequency data). Since we launched the service in 2020, we promised that subscribers would keep the price they signed up at no matter how we grew and what we added. We’ve kept that promise.

We have no investors and use subscription fees to fund our growth. The next price increase will occur within 1 year of today’s price increase, or when we’ve sold 250 spots at the $2499 price, whichever comes first.

Competitor platforms have more limited coverage and cost more. Lock in your lifetime rate for what will one day be an authoritative name in shipping and trade information. This is your LAST CHANCE to sign up at the $999/yr rate.

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Please contact us via our chat if you’d like to see more examples or you have questions.

Customer testimonials

If my ROI was as good on my own ideas as it is on the subscription to this site I would quit my job
Marhelm is where it’s at for deep discussions on everything tankers. A lot of great minds are on Marhelm.
The weekly roundups and presentations are great. Thanks for running such a great service!
Personally, I get a ton of value from the posts in this channel and the weekly roundup slides. The last 2 years have been my most successful in terms of investing ever and this service has played a large role in that.
I really enjoy everything. Every morning I sit out on the patio watching the dogs run around and read the discord. The same with the weekly chat. Definitely appreciate the effort you put into this It really is top notch.
Started investing in April 2020. Got overly excited about the tanker trade and put most of my capital into it. By fall of 2020 I was down 35% while all my friends were up 50-100% chasing tech. Almost threw in the towel but joined the platform and discord and up 500% now. Only started with $50k so it’s not a ton of money but still life changing for our family. The tanker trade almost broke me but instead was the greatest lesson I could have ever learned. I let my thesis change and got emotionally attached to the trade. With the help of the platform and the members of this chat I use data to inform my decisions. Can’t thank you enough for what you have created in Tankerdata/Marhelm
loving the work on the website so far and especially the discord. I spent a lot of time early on as a tanker analyst, doing bottoms up analysis on trade and fixture data. so i appreciate all the work required going through it all looking forward to seeing how Marhelm turns out
I do get better ideas here than in KEDM. Gonna let my subscription expire there.