Meeting with Ecopetrol Tomorrow

I have a meeting scheduled tomorrow with Ecopetrol. If you'd like to get your questions in, please add them in this thread as a comment.

So tomorrow I will be meeting with a number of people who work at Ecopetrol to discuss several items:

  1. FEPC balance, payoff trajectory
  1. Future of fuel pricing
  2. Company's own analysis projections from here on ROIC/ROCE for ISA investments
  3. Trajectory and economics of hydrogen business
  4. View on ideal long term debt levels
  5. Affirmation of current dividend policy for foreseeable future (60% of earnings)

Other topics Marhelm subscribers have brought up is gauging their level of interest/progress in bringing in institutional investors, and how much weight there were to the CFO comments at the shareholder meeting of possible buybacks.

If there’s a topic you’d like discussed, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll make sure to bring it up.

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